Strength & Conditioning

Meet Tyler Dundore!


New Facility Addition!

Elite will soon begin construction of a 7,500 sqft State-of-the-Art strength and conditioning center built onto Elite.  Our mission will be to assist each individual athlete in achieving their personal goals by implementing comprehensive strength and conditioning programs, guided by scientifically proven methods, and with an emphasis on injury reduction and performance.


 This will make Elite so much more than a Baseball and Softball place, we now will be a leader in all sports training and performance! 



New Performance Optimization Assessments!

Coach Dundore is also available for FREE Performance Optimization Assessments for a limited time, these are available for sign ups now on eSoft.

A Performance Optimization Assessment will serve to improve the performance and durability of each athlete that is assessed. Through a variety of movement screens, postural evaluations, and an athlete interview, Coach Dundore and the athlete will work together to improve the athlete’s preparation to perform. Following an assessment, athletes will receive a short exercise program based on their goals and findings of the assessment. This program will take 10-20 minutes daily and address structural and functional limitations that are hindering progress towards the athlete’s goals. Sign up today at the front desk or on eSoft for your free assessment!

Dates and Times updated 3/01/2021