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Arm Care Clinic

Program Description

This program has the goal of providing athletes with the knowledge and tools to help them care for their arm over the course of their playing season. Athletes will learn a variety of topics that relate to maintaining peak performance throughout the season including the importance of recovery, sleep, nutrition, and more. In addition, a full body approach to arm care will be provided with a focus on shoulder and elbow health. By teaching proper techniques of various arm care exercises, each athlete will be given the tools to warm up, cool down, and maintain strength of their arm throughout the season. This will help keep throwers’ arms healthy and velocity up throughout the course of the season.

Please note: Coach Dundore will help each athlete keep their arm healthy within his professional scope. However, this program is not a substitute for seeking the expertise of a medical professional such as a doctor or physical therapist if your arm is in pain.


  • Learn how your arm creates and absorbs velocity

  • Learn topics related to maintaining peak performance levels throughout the season.

  • Improve stability

  • Improve flexibility/mobility

  • Learn/perform new arm care exercises

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