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Founded by Bryan Baar in 1994, Elite Baseball and Softball Training has consistently aimed to train athletes at an elite level.

With the additions of Mike Paul, Michelle Brander, and Jim Abbott, Elite Baseball and Softball Training focuses on attracting elite trainers to develop athletes looking to compete at the highest levels.


Our Facility

Elite Baseball and Softball Training is the largest indoor training facility of its kind, 49,000 square feet, dedicated to baseball and softball.  Elite has a large field that is 150ft x 150ft that has a full regulation size Major League infield.  The smaller field is 90ft x 90ft that is a full youth size infield.  Both fields have adjustable mounds and bases to fit all baseball and softball needs as well as 10 batting cages and 5 bullpens. 



Elite Baseball and Softball trainers all have college Baseball or Softball playing experience.  Elite also has 6 baseball trainers who have played or coached in the Major Leagues.   Elite's trainers go through extensive training so that they all know the most up to date techniques taught to the best players in the major leagues, we also use the most up to date equipment with our pitching machines, Rapsodos, Edgetronic Cameras, and more, to be able to give your players instant feedback.

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