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Strength & conditioning

CST: This class is our classic baseball and softball specific strength and conditioning class. Athletes will complete a warm-up, followed by speed and agility drills. The portion of class typically focuses on performing strength training movements through all planes of motion, while the remaining time is dedicated to core strengthening. During the offseason, there is also a throwing component added to this class, while in-season there is not. This class is intended for athletes aged 13 and older and integrates arm care for baseball and softball players as well as other overhead athletes.

Speed and Agility: This class is open to athletes of any age looking to get faster, move well, and gain power and strength. Sessions begin with a warm-up and then move into speed and agility drills and testing. This is followed by speed and agility technique drills as well as power development. The goal of this class is to have you move fast and have fun competing against your peers of any sport.

Youth Speed and Agility: This class is for athletes aged 8-12 looking to get faster, move well, and learn foundational movements critical to improving performance and building a baseline for more advanced exercises as the athlete develops. Sessions begin with a warm-up and progress through speed and agility drills, jumping and power development, basic bodyweight movements, and a small portion dedicated to learning basic strength training movements using very light weights. This is a great class for kids in any sport and focuses on having fun and learning.

Strength and Conditioning: This class is open to athletes aged 13 and older with the goal of gaining strength and increasing overall athleticism/fitness. Sessions begin with a warm-up, followed by a variety of strength training movements focusing on developing the entire body. Sessions finish with 5-15 minutes of conditioning and a cool down. This is a great option for athletes in any sport.

Next Level Performance: This is a membership to Elite that gives you unlimited access to a personalized strength and conditioning program as well as hitting, fielding, speed, agility, throwing, and nutrition. This is intended for athletes aged 15 and older that have at least one year of strength training experience and a desire to play at the collegiate, professional, or olympic level. While not at Elite, this program includes workouts for while you are traveling tailored to the equipment you have available as well as your schedule. Athletes must compete an assessment (free) with the strength and conditioning staff to determine if this is a good fit for them.

New Performance Optimization Assessments!

Miko Rodriguez is also available for FREE Performance Optimization Assessments for a limited time, these are available for sign ups now on eSoft.

A Performance Optimization Assessment will serve to improve the performance and durability of each athlete that is assessed. Through a variety of movement screens, postural evaluations, and an athlete interview, Miko and the athlete will work together to improve the athlete’s preparation to perform. Following an assessment, athletes will receive a short exercise program based on their goals and findings of the assessment. This program will take 10-20 minutes daily and address structural and functional limitations that are hindering progress towards the athlete’s goals. Sign up today at the front desk or on eSoft for your free assessment!

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