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Facility Rental

Michigan’s largest indoor baseball & softball facility, featuring 48,500 sq ft of state of the art baseball and softball training


Premier Large Field

Take your team training to the next level with our

150’ x 150’  Major League sized professional turf infield with adjustable bases and pitching mounds to accommodate all ages and skill levels from youth baseball and softball through collegiate level athletes.

$250 per hour - This includes 2 cages

Skills Youth Field

90’ x 90’ multipurpose turf field with adjustable bases and pitching mound, perfect for youth baseball and softball team practices and skills training.

$175 per hour - This includes 2 cages

HitTrax System Cage Rental

The first and only baseball data capture and simulation system that provides the powerful combination of performance data and entertainment value.

This also Includes Hack Attack pitching machine with automatic ball feeder

60 Minute Rental  -  $65.00

4 pack - 1 hour rental - $240.00 ($60.00/hour)

8 pack - 1 hour rental - $400.00 ($50.00/hour)

Hack Attack Cage Rentals

The Hack Attack 3 wheel pitching machine (with automatic ball feeder) has many unique features that allow full control over each and every pitch, making it the most sought out pitching machine on the market.

Effortlessly throw fastballs, right and left handed curveballs, sliders, and split fingers, all at speeds of up to 100 MPH! With three independently spinning wheels and 3 separate control dials, you can dial in essentially any pitch!

Elite Team Player Prices Only

30 Minute Rental - $15

60 Minute Rental - $20

Non- team member Pricing

30 minute rental - $35

60 minute rental - $55

Cage Rentals

10 - Hitting cages with L-screens, Tees and baseballs/softballs

3 - Pitching bullpens with adjustable plate distances


Non-Elite Member Cage Rental Prices

30 Minute Rental - $20 (add pitching machine $15.00)

60 Minute Rental - $35 (add pitching machine $20.00)

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