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Founded by Bryan Baar in 1994, Elite Baseball and Softball Training has consistently aimed to train athletes at an elite level.

With the additions of Mike Paul, Michelle Brander, and Jim Abbott, Elite Baseball and Softball Training focuses on attracting elite trainers to develop athletes looking to compete at the highest levels.


With a culture of discipline and understanding, Elite Baseball and Softball Training strives to provide opportunity for interested athletes, through individual skill training and general core strength training.

Elite Baseball and Softball Training actively trains more than 1,000 different athletes every fall, winter, and spring ranging from ages 5-22.

Our Mission Statement

To maximize the physical, mental, and spiritual potential of every athlete. To provide cutting edge instruction so that each student's dream may become reality, both inside and outside the lines.

"In every victory let it be said of me, my source of strength, my source of hope, is Christ Alone."

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