What is CST?

CST (cross specific training) is a high performance program designed to increase baseball and softball performance. This is accomplished using a whole body training program as well as a comprehensive throwing program. Athletes will progress from general strength and throwing routines to more sport-specific speed and power work. Our ADV (accelerate, decelerate, velocity) program will also be incorporated into this program to assist in increasing throwing velocity.

Our athletes typically see a 3-5 mph increase in velocity and a 6-8 mph increase in bat speed. 

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$1300  for 16 weeks, 32 classes

Monday & Wednesday Class  4:30 - 6:00

Tuesday & Thursday Class  4:30 - 6:00 (Skip Nov 25th)

Wednesday (6:00 - 7:30) & Saturday (9:00 - 10:30) Class

**Special Class times Saturday November 20th and Saturday February 19th**

Payments can be made monthly - $325/month for 4 months

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Lola joined CST last January. She was hesitant at first and didn't feel confident. As Lola continued attending classes, she began to notice little things… she wasn’t as tired, as sore, or as hesitant to go as the weeks went on. She became more comfortable. She enjoyed the camaraderie with the other athletes that attended CST, they encouraged each other, especially during testing. At the end she was extremely proud of her final results; she had improved in every area! Her confidence grew throughout CST and continues to grow now that she has seen the results of her hard work. She is looking forward to the next session and seeing how much more she can improve! 

-Lola, Age 10

Cory has played for and trained at Elite for 5 years. As a 13 year old last winter his throwing velocity increased by 7mph over the course of 12 weeks. The training that he continues to perform has helped him further increase his velocity by 2-3 mph during the season. Through the proper training of speed, power, strength, and arm care protocols, Cory is confident that he will reach his goals of playing college baseball and beyond. The CST/ADV training program has pushed him to improve his abilities in a safe and effective manner, therefore, we recommend this program for any athlete that wants to be pushed to reach their athletic goals.

-Cory, Age 14

This is my third season as a baseball player at Elite.  Last winter I was introduced to the CST program.  At first I thought it was just a typical strength program, but I quickly found out it was much more than that. Over the course of 12 weeks, I was able to increase my throwing velocity by 6 mph.  Playing both pitcher and catcher on my team, I was also able to learn how to keep my arm strong and healthy with the right arm care routine. In addition to improving my physical strength, I was also able to improve the mental side of being an athlete. With this program, I am more confident in meeting my future goals as a baseball player.  I highly recommend this training to athletes wanting to do the same, and I am looking forward to another CST session at Elite.

-Drew Duthler, Age 15

Isaac has trained at Elite for 4 years with the CST program and various trainers.  When he started travel baseball in the fall of 2017, he was not very confident and had some skills that definitely needed to be developed.  But after going through CST the fall of 2018 his confidence increased and his baseball skills grew immensely!  His velocity after CST in 2018 went up by 7mph and after taking CST in the fall of 2020, he went up another 9mph!  The consistency of Isaac's training and lessons have helped him accomplish all of his baseball goals to this point and he looks forward to continuing to reach the rest of his goals in the near future! 

-Isaac, Age 15